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When I was five years old, my dad bought a i486. He used to let me some notes explaining how to use DOS, before he went work. My firsts and favorites games were Mortal Kombat II and Fifa95. I remember like yesterday, I putting a cheat-code, "AICULEDSSUL", to win all rounds just with one hit on MKII. Since that time, I have been addicting to create games. So, My name is Calvin and I'm software developer.

Programming language

CC++C#PascalObject PascalPythonPHPJavaJavaScriptActionScriptGoogle Apps ScriptSQLPL/SQL


OracleMySQLPostGreSQLMicrosoft SQL ServerSysbaseFirebaseMongoDB

Cloud plataform

HerokuMicrosoft Azure

Version control

SubversionGitTeam Foundation ServerVisual Studio Team Service

Multimedia framework

DirectShowMedia Foundation

Internet infrastructure

DNS zonesCloudflare

Directory service

Active DirectoryOPENLDAP

Handling codecs

wmv wma H264MP3WebMWebP



Game engine

Unity3DAllegroConstruct XNA GameMaker: StudioM.U.G.E.N OgreOpenbor


Visual StudioMonoDevelopEclipseNetBeansIntel XDK"


AngularJSRequireJSHTML5 CSS3jQuery ExtJS



Graphic design tools

Adobe After EffectsAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IlustratorGIMP

Office tools

Microsoft OfficeOpenOffice

Software development methodologies

Extreme ProgrammingScrummKanbanOpen UP

Software development standards


Harion is a video meeting online platform. Developed using webRTC it is possible start/record a meeting and see a webinar on any device. Harion can be used for online education as well like business training tool, online class and private teachers can teach idioms to their students. You can also use Harion for sales or job interview, so you can save time and money on travel expenses without giving up the benefits of face-to-face contact and also you do not need to share your personal or business email.

ProgrammerUX/UI DesignerMarketingInfrastructure
Harion page

Canes Technologies

Start a bussiness needs total focus on your objectives and right dedication. Canes Technologies was born to create and develop ideias. It was a software development studio with a simple goal: We want to optimize your time, automating your repetitive tasks, benefiting your business.

Canes Technologies page


In a haunted-house you, a mother spider, needs to feed your 300 spiders. It is not a easy job when the house it is surrounded by flying dragons, when a dragon get close by your web you must hold on it, with all your strenght.

GlobalGameJam 2015 page

Wacky Sheriff From Mars (WIP)

You are acting this time as a Wacky Sheriff, and you lives on planet Mars. With a space guns you do your jobs better than any Sheriff from Pluto.

ProgrammerAnimatorGraphic Designer


Mad as Adam (read from right to left) was my first game made in Global Game Jam. The theme to GGJ14 was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". You control Adam, a schizophrenic father who receives a letter of his daughter saying that these are the last days of her. With this, Adam needs to escape of the asylum and go to the hospital to save her. Mad as Adam it's a simple game, but the real challenge was to work with a lot of people (our team was 11 members) and manage this project, it was a lot of fun working with these guys.

ProgrammerGame DesignerProject Managemer
GlobalGameJam 2014 page


In this game, you control a weak slave with no fighting skills, he only knows hide. With help of the power of the Gods of the wilds and thunders, Iansã, the slave must solve puzzles to escape from the prison called Cidadela. This game uses Afro-Brazilian mythology. The game developed was the final work for the specialization course of Development of Digital Games. All the objects in this games are scraps, enemies are also combination of these scraps.To create these assests we took picture by picture, getting the much light possible, to then digitalize and clean in photoshop.

ProgrammerGame DesignerLevel Designer
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Under Riders

I made this, thinking in the game RiverRider. But here, you need Oxygen and controls two characters. You should collect all the treasures and discovery a new place to end the game. Playing with the submarine, you can pass through fish and monsters. Playing with the diver, your oxygen will decrease. To recover your oxygen you need enter on the submarine. Now if your diver is outside the submarine and you choose the submarine to play, your oxygen will decrease as well. And your diver may die.

ProgrammerGame DesignerGraphic DesignerLevel Designer
Ludum Dare 29 Page


You're the captain Smoker and needs to get alive in Ice Island before your gas tank is empty. SkyBattle is a aeroplane shooter style game, with 3 games modes: Single Player, Multiplayer and Classic Mode. The Classic Mode reminds the classic game River Ride, with a camera view top-down perspective.

ProgrammerGame DesignerLevel Designer
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This is a super little runner game. You are super late to get the bus, but you almost get him and this is the last bus to get you at home.

ProgrammerGraphic Designer Level Designer
Ludum Dare 28 Page


In "Evil Robots Other Guys from Space" you control the aliens attacking the earth, but the humans will defend their planet with all strength. This game is like the space invaders, but you're the villain. The game was created for ludum dare 25 where the theme is "You are the villain".

ProgrammerLevel Designer Sound Designer
Ludum Dare 25 Page

Tapper Remake (WIP)

A Tapper clone made in XNA

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Space Invasion

You are a space trooper called Samuel Liberty Jackson aka Samuel L. Jackson and your job is save the earth from a asteroids attacks.

Programmer3D Graphic Designer
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A Breakout clone, not finished. Made in 1 day programmed in Java. My real goal at this game was have done my first game engine.

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Fightche! (WIP)

It was my second game. Fightche is a fighting game based on Gauchos Culture. The game was not finished and only works on debug mode.

ProgrammerGraphic Designer
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Get the Red (WIP)

My first game made using C++ and Allegro. In this game you are White and you are playing "play tag" with Red. It is your turn to tag the Red

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Founded Canes Technologies

  • Developed a completely web video conferencing project using javascript, webrtc and Node.JS;
  • Developed a webapp using geolocation;
  • Designed the company logo;
  • Developed a company website;
Since July 2015

Developer at Kenta

  • Developed video conferencing software using DirectShowintegrating with Microsoft Azure;
  • Participated in the development of the integration of Media Foundation Transforms, for audio and video recording in mp4 format;
  • Designed and developed a new graphic interface for products;
  • Developed compatibility for recording audio and video in mp4 format using DiretShow, for Intel x86 processors.
  • Developed a multi-camera record compatibility using DirectShow;
  • Developed a Patch System for all company products.
  • Participated in the development of the interface localization system for the management system for audio and video;
  • Developed tools who fixes audio or video problems with the stream, codecs and profiles.
  • Developed tools who extract audio from video files to WMA/MP3;
  • Developed tools who helps the technical support to collect data and files from the client computer;
  • Participated in the development of the management system for audio and video using Direct Show;
Porto Alegre from September 2012 to February 2016

Developer at Power Imaging.

  • Developed many web-crawler in C# to feed the database;
  • Designed and developed the company website;
  • Developed workflow website in ASP.NET using ExtJS
  • Organized and normalized database MySQL;
Porto Alegre from November 2011 to September 2012

Trainee at Alcibio Mesquita Bibo Nunes & Cia Sociedade Simples LTDA – ME.

  • Designed and developed the company website;
  • Designed newsletters, banner, outdoors;
  • Developed a web-video player using action script;
  • Organized and normalized database MySQL;
Porto Alegre from February 2011 to July 2011


  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium.Faculdade de Tecnologia SenacRS2008
  • Orientação a Objetos Com C#.SENACTECH2009
  • Tunning de Banco de Dados.SENACTECH2009
  • Programação para Web com PHP.SENACTECH2009
  • Software Brasileiro: Uma Odisséia no Espaço/Tempo, Julio Neves.SENACTECH2009
  • Internet e Comunicação Digital, Jonatas Abbot.SENACTECH2009
  • Meteorologia Especializada: Tendências em GeoMeteorologia, Jean Espinoza.GEOMeeting2010
  • Imagens de Satélite RapidEye: Resolução Espacial, Espectral, Radiométrica e Temporal em Projetos Operacionais, Marcos Leandro Kazmierczak.GEOMeeting2010
  • Utilização de Geotecnologias na Gestão de Recursos Hídricos, João Manuel Trindade.GEOMeeting2010
  • Mapas Digitais Voltados para Soluções Corporativas, Murilo Augusto de Oliveira.GEOMeeting2010
  • Georeferenciamento de Imagens de Satélite, Marlos Batista.GEOMeeting2010
  • Aplicação das novas Tecnologias de Informação na produção das Bases Cartográficas do IBGE e como suporte ao censo 2010, Corpo Técnico do IBGE/EU-RS/SBT.GEOMeeting2010
  • Soluções Livres para Geoprocessamento, André Cruvinel Resende.GEOMeeting2010
  • Modelagem de Dados.Fundação Bradesco2011
  • Ilustração e Design Gráfico para Web.Fundação Bradesco2011
  • WebDesign.Fundação Bradesco2011
  • C ++ Desenvolvimento Orientado a Objeto.Fundação Bradesco2011
  • UML: Linguagem de Modelagem Unificada.Fundação Bradesco2011
  • Curso Desenvolvimento de Jogos em Java.Abrindo o jogo2011
  • Curso Desenvolvimento com Google PlayN.Abrindo o jogo2011
  • DevCamp: Cloud Essentials.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Microsoft Azure.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Azure Virtual Machines.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Websites.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Cloud Services.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Mobile App.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • DevCamp: Business App.Microsoft DevCamp2015
  • Microsoft Windows 10.Microsoft2015
  • Docker for beginners, Rafael Gomes.FISL2016
  • Cloud Computing & Free Software, Alessandro de Souza e Silva.FISL2016
  • Desenvolvimento Mobile Híbrido, Leonardo Seiji.FISL2016
  • Planejamento estratégico: alinhando propósito, objetivos, estratégias e execução. Henrique Girardi.Farol Coworking2016
  • Projetos ágeis também falham.Agile Day2016
  • O Julgamento da TI Bimodal.Agile Day2016
  • Do comando-controle para coaching: 5 fatores que ajudaram numa transformação na gestão de pessoas.Agile Day2016
  • Acelerando Resultados Empresarias com Lean Business Analysis.Agile Day2016
  • Pay what you want: Uma nova abordagem para a precificação de projetos ágeis.Agile Day2016